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From: <irdusa1@iname.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 00:45:49
Message-Id: <199902161053.LAA26340@sophia.inria.fr>

Hello Fellow Auto Enthusiast,

Please forgive the intrusion., but your email address was given to 
us because our company is seeking a distributor with a good 
reputation in your country.  We purchased a list, with your name 
on it, of marketing companies in your country. However, lists are 
often compiled without your knowledge. 

I hope you are a company interested in NEW automotive related 
products from the United States.  If you are not such a company 
please forgive this intrusion. If you DO NOT want to receive any 
mail or information on New Products from the U.S.A., please reply 
with "REMOVE" in the subject line. If we receive this, you will be 
placed on our remove list and not receive any email from us again.

IRD is a twenty year old company that invents, develops and 
manufactures high demand, high profit consumerproducts. Several of 
our products are automotive related which is why we have contacted 
you. One of our premier products is the FUELMAX because of the 
huge profit FUELMAX Distributors earn.


This is a great money making opportunity for companies, such as 
yours, that can properly market this amazing product. Exclusive 
distribution rights for your country are currently available. We 
currently have distributors in over 60 countries. 

There are no franchise fees or charges to receive sole 
distribution rights. Dealers sell the FUELMAX for approximately 
100 times the price of a liter of fuel 

and make over 500% profit....that's right, over 500% profit! 

There is a huge demand for the FUELMAX and it will be growing as 
fuel prices go higher.


*  100 to 999 FUELMAX units---$12.88 USD
*  1,000 to 2,999 FUELMAX units---$12.48 USD
*  Over 3,000 FUELMAX units---$11.88 USD
*  Prices are F.O.B.  California U.S.A.

The say "Seeing is Believing!"   After you have tried the FUELMAX, 
you will be absolutely convinced that it  increases mileage, 
dramatically lowers pollutants, extends the life of your engine 
and gives your automobile better performance. 

A Dealer's Sample Kit is available with 12 FUELMAX units, a 200+ 
page Dealer's Manual and a video package, all for only $240 USD. 
This is a good way to begin testing the market in
your area. For your convenience, a Proforma Invoice is provided 
below, should  you wish to begin test marketing next week.
PR O F O R M A   I N V O I C E

NO. 369-SA.36
Purchase of:
        (1) One Dealer's Sample Kit
        The FUELMAX (MFE-303) Fuel Expander Kit contains:
                (12) Twelve FUELMAX units (Model MFE-303)
                 (6)  Six Assorted Sales Brochures & Flyers
                 (1)  One Sales Manual (200+ pages)
                 (1)  Video Package
Total Price in U.S. Dollars.............................$240
TRADE TERMS: C&F (Kit Price include 4 day Air Express delivery)

We accept payment by bank wire, check and credit card. Mastercard, 
Visa or American
Express. If you would like to receive more information on the 
FuelMAX, please send an EMail request to:


or fill out our Information Request Form:


Dealer's Kits are sent the same day payment is received.

If you would like a catalogue on all of our products we will be 
happy to
mail one to you or you can visit our WEB site: 


The IRDUSA1.COM Marketing Team

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to be removed from this advertisers future mailings, please reply 
with subject 
"REMOVE" and this software will automatically block you from 
future mailings.

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