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RE: Does a bagID define a URI fragment?

From: Jeffrey E. Sussna <jes@kuantech.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 19:00:43 -0800
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As a followup to my own previous question, is there a DTD available for RDF?

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Subject: Does a bagID define a URI fragment?

The RDF spec states that it is legal to have an ID and a bagID as attributes of a single description. But the XML 1.0 spec states that an element may only have one attribute of type ID. Therefore either ID or bagID isn't a real ID, and therefore it doesn't define a real URI fragment. 

The RDF spec goes on to provide a bagID example where a description contains an aboutEach attribute referring to a bagID. In light of the above, and the fact that aboutEach is supposed to refer to a URI, is the example really valid?

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