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LC comment for SpecGL : 'Ambiguity '

From: by way of the Lastcall Form <steph@unadorned.org>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:42 +0900
To: www-qa@w3.org
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Here is a last call comment from Stephanie Troeth (steph@unadorned.org) 
on QA Framework : Specifications Guidelines (and Examples and Techniques)
received by the LC form system.

Submitted on behalf of: N/A
Comment type: Editorial
The comment applies to: "Guideline 2 Identify what needs to conform and how. "
Comment title: Ambiguity 

I'm finding it difficult to follow which terms are reserved for 'classes of products'. The word 'consumer' is used to describe the classes of products, and itself is listed within the classes of products.

For example, I find the following sentence semantically confusing:
"For a processor-type specification, the processor is the consumer of an XML vocabulary defined in the specification."

"For content-type specifications, there may be one or more consumers that take the content and 'play' it in some way."
"Play" refers to a media player, or play refers to "process" ?

Divide this (enumerated) list into processor, consumer, or content?
Make the terminology in this area unique, so that there will be no ambiguity? (It could be that the terminology is already unique, but in its current format, I can't be sure.)

Proposed resolution : 


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