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P&O Document - Guideline 1

From: Lynne Rosenthal <lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 10:33:31 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: www-qa@w3.org
My comments on Guideline 1 of the Framework: Process & Operational Guidelines

Given that Guidelines are informational and used to structure the 
checkpoints in sets that define similar requirements and Checkpoints are 
normative; I propose an alternative Guideline 1.

Currently the focus of Guideline 1 is the Charter and the inclusion of QA 
goals, criteria etc.   I propose an alternative that is, the focus of the 
first Guideline be the WG's plans and integration of QA activities and 
deliverables into the WG.  This would include planning, identifying goals, 
deliverables, etc for conformance test materials, practices etc. It would 
also (as a checkpoint) include putting something in the Charter.  I think 
this would be a 'gentler' way to get WGs thinking about QA and also get 
them thinking of it in a broader sense, not just for developing tests and 

Thus, I propose something like:

Guideline 1: Integrate QA practices and deliverables into Working Group 
Explanation would include how QA is integral to specs and implementations 
of those specs rather than an afterthought; that WGs should plan for what 
needs to be done; that experience has shown (e.g., XSL-FO, DOM, etc) that 
including QA has enhanced the development of the deliverables.

Checkpoint1.1  Identify QA deliverables, expected milestones, etc.
Checkpoint 1.2 Determine level of commitment and scope of test materials
Checkpoint 1.3 Define resources to staff effort
Checkpoint 1.4 Indicate breath and depth of test material coverage 
necessary for CR-exit
Checkpont 1.5 Include QA activities and deliverables in Charter
(note that for Charters, the W3C Process requires that deliverables be 
identified with milestones, etc.)

Basically, Checkpoints 1-4 are the steps to get to Checkpoint 5.

If you don't accept the proposed Guideline 1  then, I propose the following 
change to the current Checkpoint 1:
Guideline 1: Include QA activities and deliverables in Charter
Checkpoints 1-4 same as above.

Respectfully submitted.
Received on Friday, 25 January 2002 10:30:47 UTC

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