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Draft minutes for QAWG f2f, Wednesday 27 October PM

From: Andrew Thackrah <andrew@opengroup.org>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:32:24 +0100
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QAWG Face-to-Face meeting minutes
The Open Group, Reading, UK
Wednesday 27 October, 13:30 - 16:30 pm UCT

Topic: QA Handbook
Subject: distinction between Principles and Good Practices
LH reply to LR:
LR: also confusion between principles & good practices.
principles ate not normative in handbook. but in SpecGL they are normative

LH: don't want this inconsistency will be an issue. See my reply  (sent 
Sunday) - I gave an explanation.

DH: we also say that we should try to be consistent with other 
terminolgies - so some
consistency wouldn't hurt

LR: So identify what is mandatory & what is not
LH refers to IRC ... I said am in favor of explanation in QAH. QAH prob. 
going to be used standalone
and not with a GL as a side reference.

KD: is there really a diff between Principles & Good Practice in the QAH?

LH: initially I was using Principles as replacement for Guidelines, Good 
Practice as specific actionable details (like a checkpoint).

LR: in specGL Principles are actionable items (in addition to Good 

KD: in specGL we define as a principle that we should not redefine terms

LH: ok I rename principles = guidelines & GP = checkpoints...(!)

LH: I agree that we should rename things - not sure what though.

[strong feeling that meanings should be consistent]

LH: I'd like to find a separate name for principles
[action - LH to propose a new name]

- everything else to be named 'good practices'.

Subject: Principles & Good Practice statement are too long - should we 
make them shorter - declarative

LH: keep them imperitive
LR: my problem : they are too long

LH: 2/3 of statments are one line or less (viewed in browser). Others 
could be shorter...

[Action LH - break down larger statements, or make them

[Action - LH make sub topics inside Good Practice have consistent names 
between QAH & SpecGL]

resolved that it's ok to leave out a section if nothing to put under a 
given topic

[Action - KD to verify that doc maps onto template]

Subject: quality-related deliverables & "test materials" - relationship

LH: this topic has a history - comment from someone in May draft - about 
fuzzy terms.
We flagged all such terms. Mark & Dave worked on this. Also JC 
criticized that our scope is tilted towards test suites. Agree that 
there is still a problem

[Action - KD to review the definitions]

[Action DH - synch markup in QAH with SpecGL]

Subject: difficult to navigate in QAH - no numbering scheme

LH: don't like the numbering scheme in specGL

[to be discussed later as an issue in specGL - accessibility issue]

[conclusion - numbering scheme for QAH: sequential]

[Action - LH to propose a numbering scheme for QAH]

[Action - DH to check the legal section of QAH against current policies]

Topic: Publication schedule
last call in 2 weeks
feedback to the end of january

will we have a meeting in Boston? (in tech plenary)
DH: wondering if it was worth having a meeting before then - at start of 
Jan. - would do that unless we have been dismantled.

LH: dependency - php form processor. to be done by mid-Nov. be shouldn't 
delay publication

Agree on publication before moratorium (Nov 18)

What to do about references to (suspended) testGL?

KD proposal: PC to produce a simpler text  - a note that deals with test 
PC: prefer to focus on the text, single effort - not collaborative - then ok

DH: initial soln: remove refs from QAH. Then next cycle - produce a note 
to condense test GL


[Action - PC to produce a 1st version of the test note, in 4 weeks]


Topic: QAF Primer

[Action - DH to rewrite with focus on making more usable & readable, due 
Nov 25]
(KD & LR to review the work)

LH: think it's important to preserve placeholder to testGL/collected 
test-based material


adjourned for break-out groups
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