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TCDL preview for f2f

From: Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:37:24 -0600
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To: www-qa-wg@w3.org

QAWG participants --

*** Please wait for next draft (Monday 10/20) before commenting on this! ***

Reason.  An improved and clarified draft exists, and hopefully will be 
circulated Monday (10/20).  Dave already sent it to me.  But I failed to 
get the attachment from my mail server before it was scrubbed, and Dave is 
on vacation this week (so I can't have it resent).

TCDL:  Test Case Description Language.  At Heraklion f2f, QAWG/IG 
encouraged Dave to develop a proposal in some detail.  This is it.  When 
Dave sent me the new version (which I lost), he attached this (partial) 

>"This draft shows the general organization of the TCDL 1.0 document. I
>called it 1.0 to pave the way for a committee-written version in the
>future, should it prove necessary after more extensive field use.
>Nevertheless, I think the full TCDL 1.0 will apply to a broad range of
>classes of product and will also suffice for large suites that last over
>several versions of their target specs. The ultimate document will be
>about 6-8 times as large as this, mostly in chapters 3 and 4. An example
>section of chapters 2 and 3 is provided, but no section anywhere in the
>document should be assumed to be at full length. Sections of chapter 1 are
>nearly full length, at least in my view. My main question for the WG right
>now: is this document likely to serve for at least a couple years, so tha t
>QAWG can turn its attention to complementary material and practices?"

The previous version (soon to be superseded) is at:


This clearly intersects some TestGL topics.  I'm circulating the old draft 
now, new draft next week (just before f2f), so that you can start thinking 
about how they relate.  The new draft develops a number of the subsections 
in greater detail, which should help to clarify any questions about what is 
intended in the many TBD ("!!!") places.

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