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RE: Monday (28 July) QAWG telecon agenda [DRAFT]

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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 08:23:55 -0700
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Regrets from Vanitha Venkatraman
Will join the next one.

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>Subject: Monday (28 July) QAWG telecon agenda [DRAFT]
>QAWG  --
>Unless you are an optional attendee, please respond with regrets.  (Also
>see below about 4-aug telecon).
>Monday will be an optional telecon, UNLESS you are chair or OpsGL/SpecGL
>(and ET) editor.  It will be a working/planning call for chairs and
>editors, to firm up a realistic schedule for getting OpsGL and SpecGL to
>Goals.  Here are some things we need to nail... 
>1.) Agree on a doable schedule; 
>2.) Discuss how we will partition the DoC document(s) -- per-commenter,
>per-spec?  or single large DoC on all issues and specs?  or other?
>3.) How and by whom to produce DoC documents(s).
>4.) Any stylesheet and/or XSLT transform needs;
>5.) What to do if a commentor objects to our DoC?
>6.) When to alert the Directors telecon people and try to schedule the
>CR telecon(s).
>7.) Both together (OpsGL & SpecGL)?  Or, OpsGL+Intro first, and SpecGL
>maybe 2-4 weeks later?
>8.) ...etc...
>About 4-aug telecon
>On the agenda for the *next* (4-august) telecon is a discussion of our
>new activity statements and charters.  Current drafts are:
>- activity statement renewal 
>- charter WG 
>- charter IG 
>One issue/difficulty that came up in drafting these was:  what are our
>Test Materials.  (We are required by OpsGL to document these in our
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