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Re: Restrictive Patent Usage

From: <tompoe@renonevada.net>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:36:43 -0800
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To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org

Hello: Dan mentions the word "compromise" in his response regarding 
restrictive uses of RF patents.  How very confusing this is.

I would like some assistance in locating the topic under discussion, 
please.  I brought up the document at:
and ran a search for the phrase "fields of use" but got zero results.

If this draft does not provide for RF [meaning without restrictions] 
patent policy, then it does not deserve the title Royalty Free Patent 
Policy.  What is the difference between a RF patent licensing policy 
with restrictions of use, and the previous RAND policy with royalties? I 
for one, will reject any "compromise" as untenable, corrupt, and without 
merit.  There is no "compromise" consideration for policies designed to 
benefit the general public. Policies that benefit the general public are 
ideals, beautiful contributions to the benefit of all.  But, all does 
not include those who would wish to profit from these policies by 
restricting access in either monetary form with royalties, or through 
restrictions on usage to those "chosen few".   There are compromises in 
politics, in commerce, but not in worldwide standards which provide the 
foundation for engaging in "fields of use".
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV
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