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Your free listing @ JabbasPalace.com

From: <Jabba@JabbasPalace.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 18:24:12 -0700
To: "Star Wars Collector!" <Jabba@JabbasPalace.com>
Message-ID: <AZ-GREENE-SVRqgStMV0000002d@Server>
Your FREE listing at JabbasPalace.com is waiting to be completed.

We would like to invite you to SELL your Star Wars Collectibles at
JabbasPalace.com.  A NEW web site 100% dedicated to buying and selling
Star Wars Collectibles and related items.  We DO NOT collect final sales
fees or charge mandatory listing fees!  Even better yet, during our Grand
Opening all standard item listings are completely FREE!

Check us out at http://www.jabbaspalace.com.  If you have suggestions or
questions, please feel free to contact us via email!

Note:  You were chosen to receive this message because you've previously
shown interest in buying or selling Star Wars related items on the web. We
will not send you further information unless you specifically request it.

Thanks for your time!  We look forward to your visit!

Jabba The Hutt

Disclaimer: The authors of this email are not affiliated with Lucasfilm
Limited, or Star Wars their registered trademark.
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