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Freedom is essential for Innovation

From: Ajeet P Velankar <AjeetPV@NIIT.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:51:20 +0530
Message-ID: <9F52B7AD4D9285469A1B7D6B1A4EF5D70D0C38@del-athena-es1.ssb.in.niit.com>
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
The freedom is essential for Innovation to occur. 

By allowing an major organization like yours to allow patented technologies
to be accepted as standards, you are restricting the freedom by way of
non-freely usable technologies becoming standards.

The policy should be to allow only open and free technologies  to be
accepted by w3c as standards, so that others could build on top of them with
total freedom thus fostering more innovation and better technology.
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