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Comments to "In support of EFF's call for a royalty-free licensing model"

From: Martin Olsson <mnemo@home.se>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 17:55:06 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org

The quoted letter below was written to you, by a friend of mine.
I agree with all of this, and I would like to put my name
on this letter too. First some of my personal comments though:

RAND is a great and real threat to the open-source concept,
and thus to the future of the whole spirit and body of the
Internet community.

I urge you not to preceed with this license modell, and
dont forget that Microsoft (and others) has tried this so
many times, using so many tricks. 

If you name a new license "REASONABLE ..." that's fishy.
It feels weird (and abit unnatural) to oppose and reject
something that is "reasonable". But please, dont be confused,
its just a matter of PR-tactics from the protrietary companies.
It pretty much the same thinking as when White House officials
carefully choose their words to make people thing certain things.

These companies have one goal; profit.

We have another, incompatible, goal; to build a strong and
effective Internet community.

Internet is the greatest thing that ever happened to me,
and to the world! Please dont take it away from us.

Martin Olsson
Rullstensg. 174, room 103
906 55 Umeň, Sweden

Email: mnemo@home.se or mnemo@mnemo.nu
Phone: n/a
Cell: n/a

-- "A Swedish student of mathematics and a computer g33k"


>Dear W3C Patent Policy Working Group:
>I'm concerned about the recent Patent Policy Framework draft, which
>could allow W3C members to charge royalty fees for technologies
>included in web standards.
>In particular, I object to the inclusion of a "reasonable and
>non-discriminatory" (RAND) licensing option in the proposed policy.
>I believe that the exclusive use of a "royalty-free" (RF) licensing
>model is in the best interests of the Internet community, and that
>RAND licensing would always necessarily exclude some would-be
>implementors, especially among open source and free software
>I applaud the W3C for its tradition of providing open-source
>reference implementations and its work to promote a wide variety of
>interoperable implementations of its open standards. The W3C can
>best continue its work of "leading the Web to its full potential"
>by continuing this tradition, and saying no to RAND licensing.
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