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Why a RAND? W3 & Microsoft/IE --

From: J. Payne <InternetExploder@MediaOne.net>
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 13:13:01 -0400
Message-ID: <000701c14dc1$023466a0$06836041@ne.mediaone.net>
To: <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>
Why would the W3 want to decide on allowing patents for common everyday
Internet standards?

The W3 should know what happens when big business gets involved in Internet
standards.  For quite some time the W3 has been overshadowed by what
Microsoft thinks should be (defacto) standard by what it places in it's
browser v.s. what the W3 body rules should be standard.

So why now would the W3 want to allow big business to rule the Internet???
The Internet is what it is because of ever conscienceless of the need for
openness  If everyone starts pulling-back what they contributed to the
Internet do you think there will be anything left?

My concern is if the W3 starts saying the biggest companies can decide
what's standard  Then I feel the W3 is loosing sight of it's goal and the
Internet development is doomed.

Everyone got a glimpse at what patents can do when last year British Telcom
stated they would start enforcing their patents for the A HREF=  or anchored
links.  Most people thought it was laughable because there's too many
companies and private individuals using these.  And lawsuits would take a
long----- time and be prohibitively expensive.  I'm for keeping standards
open.  If someone wants to hold on to a patent that's their issue.  Other's
will find a free way to create something similar if need be.  RAND not only
effect the Internet but it strikes at the Open Source community.

This would be a tragedy to implement.  And all that will happen is it will
lead to ever-rising costs to use the Internet..  One year the patent will be
a few bucks...  Then a few more... and ever increasing...

For example look at all the drug-companies coming under pressure for price
fixing.  Soo much so that discontent in third world countries is growing and
some are trying to break away from "international copyright/trademark laws"
and are trying to build their own 'knock-offs' for less...  Members of the
W3, and other members of the web community tear down this wall.

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