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W3C Patent policy- ? why

From: Michael Guercio <mguercio@telus.net>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 16:38:05 -0700
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-Id: <20011004233958.VGBZ13380.priv-edtnes09-hme0.telusplanet.net@there>
Dear people,

	it is unwise to adopt software that is based on proprietary technology for 
use in World Wide Web standards.  The "World Wide Web" was designed as a 
means of international communication. Just because vendors took advantage of 
the WWW using e-commerce, it doesn't mean that the WWW should be standardized 
using proprietary technologies developed by these corporate vendors. We all 
have seen enough vending already with spamming. RAND is not the answer to the 
question of how the WWW should be standardized.

	What I feel may be necessary, is that some kind of a "sub-net" needs to be 
introduced to "piggy-back" on the internet. Call it the WWE (World Wide 
E-commerce).  A separate entity from the WWW.  This would give users a 
"choice" to jump down to the e-commerce and commercial development sub-net 
WWE; or up to the WWW backbone which stays as the free, standardized, 
communication, and educational tool it was intended originally. Of course 
entertainment can be in the WWE because much of the entertainment on the WWW 
is paid for, eg. Web TV, games, etc... No corporation(s) should have an 
advantage over other corporations or developers, or have their proprietary 
technology standardized on the WWW backbone, but the sub-net WWE could have 
multiple non-discriminatory technologies that are proprietary and 
"non-invasive". "Non-invasive", must be use in a diligent manner. If you go 
ahead with the proposed draft, the WWW would no longer be the focus of the 
international body that makes up the majority of the user of the WWW.

Listen to the users not the abusers.  Thank you for the extension it shows 
repect to us all.
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