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Charing for web products

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Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 02:43:21 -0400
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  I completely disagree with charging fees or "Rand" fees for the use of web products like gifs, jpegs, and whatever else might be turned into a fee. For the most part it goes against what a lot of people feel the internet is about namely freedom, freedom to express, freedom to design and share. As an up and coming web artist I completely disagree with this idea. 
  I feel that this will not work not only because of the reasons above but for obvious reasons such as the .com failures that have already taken place for lack of funds. How much more of a burden would "rand" fees be on struggling web companies. I also think that for the most part people will just simply try to not pay because I a sure the majority of the people are not for but against this new "policy" except of course those whose pockets this "policy" will be lining. 
  As I understand this debate will be going on till the 11th and I hope that you are flooded with email of people telling you how and why they are against it until that time.
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