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W3C.....Follow The Money...

From: Christopher M. Strehl <cstrehl@versusltd.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 04:54:50 -0500
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Let's see how does that old saying go..."Absolute Power...Corrupts Absolutely"... or was it "Follow the Money".... to find the real Truth, and Motivation behind the Standard?  I have to say to all my associates who understand that up until now, the Internet has personified "Freedom, Innovation, and Truth".  Freedom to compete based on Ideas, abilities, intellect and hard work.  Innovation that in it's real and true form is ever growing, developing and always amazing every one of us, everyday. Truth in knowing that the greatest discoveries of this industry to date, were born of hard work, dedication and a passion to be the next Lewis and Clark as we press on through the endless wilderness of opportunity. It is so very discouraging to see that they (W3C and it's board members) have so quickly sold out to the highest bidder, this opportunity for future greatness.  I have always looked at this industry as the last bastion of true freedom, I have been raising my 4 children and managing my 12 to 15 employees to understand the importance of open source, creativity, passion and hard work, the idea that if you are strong and passionate enough about your ideas, you could come here and with a little innovation and a lot of commitment, you could compete with others that shared your vision. So now what? I am first a father to my children, a husband to my wife, proud American and Patriot committed to Freedom, Innovation and Truth. I am here today to ask every one of my fellow associates to stand up and be heard. If the W3C and it's new found corporate bankroll friends thinks that they can make it without our unwavering commitment, let them go.  Do not fall my brothers and sisters to their beliefs, we are the very reason they have the luxury of even having this debate, and they know it.  They are betting that you to will fall in step with money over matter. The difference between them and us is that they are short sighted, interested in Money, Power and Control.  We on the other hand are and must remain Committed to Freedom, Innovation and Truth, for if we do we will gift our children the opportunity to continue the very journey we embarked on, with an uncorrupted vision of how it will be better then, than it is right now. Do the right thing... Carpe Diem... and today is the day.


Warmest Regards,

Christopher M. Strehl

Versus Ltd


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