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Re: When is RAND fair

From: <phillip.harp@eer.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 18:19:52 -0400
To: <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>
Message-ID: <DBAC1F570587D311A10500902772C3662682B5@EER_PDC>
I am amazed the W3C has degraded this far. The Web standards started out
based on the openness of Mosaic. Now, to place copyrighted standards in
place is simply unacceptable. The Internet and the Web are what they are
today because of the "anyone can play" and laize-faire approach in
controlling the Web. Yes, we have malicious code, but that is accommodated
tremendously by horribly planned, minimally tested, and poorly written
software. After looking at the committee and authorship of these standards,
I can understand how and why such a horrible concept was born. Four out of
six are members that would greatly profit from installing copyrighted,
patented, and proprietary bits into the Web. An alliance for profit,
seizure, or dictatorship of the Web is NOT a viable option. What will we see
down the road? Tribute paid to the Web Czar so one can access pages? Error
messages telling you to switch to a proprietary browser that you rent from
the company that programmed it? How about, you need to use our hardware to
communicate with the Web? The "inch to a mile" rule applies to these
companies, based on past performance. For once listen to Nancy Regan and
"Just say no!" Our tax dollars built this, our taxes help maintain it, and I
am NOT giving it up to any corporate conglomerate or monopoly to exploit it
or me!

If my fears are unfounded, prove it. If I am too stupid to intepret what was
written, please write in "Dick and Jane" mode. However, as a Project Manager
I am fully aware of Past Performance issues. In my opinion, not one of your
companies arrived where they are at today without a Mai Lai somehwere. Prove
me wrong, and I will lobby, assist, sing praises, and even give up my very
life to support you. However, if this passes, within five years, the true
colors of DMCA, UCITA, and this horrible idea of RAND will be seen and it
will be too late to undo.
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