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Patent Policy Issues

From: Kent Engström <kent@unit.liu.se>
Date: 03 Oct 2001 00:01:24 +0200
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-ID: <m3pu85zop7.fsf@ceres.unit.liu.se>
W3C WG members,

please think very carefully before stepping in the direction of
encouraging standards requring royalty payments of any kind.  While
that may not be a problem for big companies, or even medium-sized
ones, it may be a huge problem for open source projects.

In my daily work as an incident handler and security specialist, I
rely heavily on open-source software, not only for my own work
environment. Quite frankly, I fear a world where Apache is no longer
conveniently available to replace IIS with, for example. Should W3C
start to encourage patent-encumbered web standards, we might end up in
a situation like that.


Kent Engström,		Linköping University Incident Response Team
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