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Potential Anti-trust issues with new rulling...

From: Doug Smith <dsmith@saintmarys-saginaw.org>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 09:40:50 -0500
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To: <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>
I am a relative novice concerning this particular issue - patents - however, I can't help but wonder what anti-trust implications exist when a 'standards' body can set a 'standard' based upon a single source technology.

My understanding of a STANDARD is that it SHOULD be followed at all costs. If this is true, then the W3C is placing itself in a position of telling everyone that they must use X brand/technology. Isn't this a kind of monopoly? If the W3C should pursue this line, then the 'standards' should offer alternatives and not just one option so that the Microsofts of the world will not forever reign.

As I see it, this is just a wrong idea that came from the right place.  W3C (if they are going to be standard setting body) should not be in the business of endorsing one company over another (which is what it will come down to).  Think of the potential for abuse. Companies will figure out (as they have in other industries) that they can "wine and dine" certain groups/individuals to get their technology accepted as a 'standard' and therefore ensure a perpetual revenue stream!

Microsoft must be licking their chops!!

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