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Too many lawyers, not enough common sense.

From: Artur Grabowski <art@blahonga.org>
Date: 02 Oct 2001 09:31:33 +0200
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-ID: <87pu86qyzu.fsf@kaka.blahonga.org>
The probability of this proposal being withdrawn is minimal. It's obviously
drafted by US lawyers for other US lawyers and they'd be really stupid to
back down from this huge source of future profits. The relevant outcome
(besides making a few US lawyers rich) will be either that W3C will die and
the web will develop on its own in chaos until the next standards body
emerges, or that the W3C survives and the web dies.

The only thing the world (first 'w' in "www") can hope for is that the new
standards body is based outside the US, in some country where common sense
hasn't been sued yet.

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