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Re: RAND Patents: A great thing

From: Thomas Strauss <thst@strauss-it.de>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 21:39:51 +0200
Message-ID: <3BB8C687.1060508@strauss-it.de>
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
 >Patents are a critical part of our Intellectual Property system and a 
 >key underpinning of our capitalist economy.  Remove patents and you 
 >remove the incentives for people to invent/create new IP.  Why create 
 >new IP when you have to risk it as part of the W3C procedures? 
Instead, >the W3C should uphold, protect and encourage patents as they 
create and >support true innovation by providing tremendous positive 
economic >incentives.

This has been proven wrong by reality and YOU KNOW it.

Your message disgusts me, makes me sick! How can you blatantly lie about 
the real issue behind patents? They are legislative weapons, there is no 
innovation bound to IP-patents. You patent stuff to crush your opponent, 
and as microsoft announced in the helloween docs, they lobby to close 
open standards.

Just browse the w3c Website to prove yourself wrong, ridiculous wrong.

Want other examples? Your precious patent-system gave the "XOR"-Patent 
to us, the "one-click"-patent, a patent to "tease a cat with a laser 
pointer" (VERY innovative, geee! I NEVER thought of THAT one!)

Patents were not a good idea, when they came up. But today, they are not 
only a bad idea but hurdle for small companies and concrete in the 
foundation of bloated slow-moving megacorps and weapons to smash more 
innovative opponents, they cant beat otherwise.

You can go on patent whatever you want, the patent system must fall - it 
is not even an approximation of a good solution.

To come back on-topic: W3C Standards must be open and free to implement 
for anyone. If you want your patented technology become widespread: 
Promote it. This is your job. Adobe did that very succesfully by 
endorsing many platforms and opening up the internal standards.
Macromedia Flash is another example, though they made it without opening 
the internals. VBScript was not that successful, just like activeX.

These companies created an accepted and widespread technology, that can 
be applied over the web - but they will not become w3c standards.

Because noone is allowed to have exclusive rights to any web standards 
technology. If his name is Microsoft, Apple or HP doesn't matter. NOONE 
owns the web today, and that is the way it has to be in the future.

Thomas Strauß

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