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Re: proposed change to COOKIE-INCLUDE

From: Dori Coplien <dori@coplien.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 07:11:13 -0500
Message-ID: <001001c11c15$63f0c920$6601a8c0@dorihp>
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<<As for cookie-values being useful it would be nice to hear a comment from
someone who actually builds policies (with relevant cookie information).>>

I build policies that use cookies and do think being able to give the client
more information about the cookie would be a good idea but on the other
hand, most people are not cookie literate.  They think all cookies contain
their life story and I think passing "short stories" about the content of a
cookie to them will just scare them more.  I'd rather see the browser
industry adjust so that each cookie could set a short popup with the content
of the cookie and brief explanation along with a hyperlink to an exact
paragraph in the human readable policy that fully explains what's in the
cookies, why it's needed and what will happen if they reject the cookie.

If the technology reproduced the cookie's contents I think it would also
keep more web developers honest when writing their P3P policies.

In short, I think adding more content would only be useful to people that
fully understand cookies and doubt most web developers would give any more
information than absolutely required.

--Dori Coplien
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