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Re: proposed change to COOKIE-INCLUDE

From: Sebastian Kamp <kamp@ti.informatik.uni-kiel.de>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 11:52:05 +0200
To: <w3c-p3p-specification@w3.org>, <www-p3p-dev@w3.org>, <www-p3p-policy@w3.org>
Message-Id: <0108031152050W.07894@rosmarin>
I see some advantages and some disadvantages with the proposed change.

The matching with xml element-attributes instead of a xml element-value in 
PRFs is probably more robust (I guess in both cases wildcards are still 
For example tokenizing a cookie-namespace-string by white-space (single SP or 
LWS?!) delimiters will not be an issue anymore.

On the other hand this would vitiate the possibility to use the same 
matching-code for all three kinds of in-/exclude elements (that is 

As for cookie-values beeing useful it would be nice to hear a comment from 
someone who actually builds policies (with relevant cookie information).

Sebastian Kamp
Received on Friday, 3 August 2001 05:53:45 UTC

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