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RE : CC/PP S&V schema updates

From: boyera stephane <boyera@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:29:39 +0200
To: 'Francesco CannistrÓ' <fracan@inwind.it>, <www-mobile@w3.org>, "'Luu Tran'" <Luu.Tran@Sun.COM>
Cc: <sadic@the-web-middle-earth.com>
Message-ID: <007b01c36d36$249964c0$06ca608a@inria.fr>

Hello Francesco,
Thanks for your answer to Luu's mail.

Just few points concerning W3C process:

> 1. About the namespace URI of the CC/PP schema.
> SADiC is not affected by the particular namespace that is
> adopted since it can be configured to recognize whatever 
> namespace URI. However, I note that the choice of the 
> namespace is very important: the namespace should be defined 
> unambiguously and, once fixed, it should not be changed 
> throughout the subsequent versions of the WD (neither in new 
> versions of the specification itself, unless very significant 
> changes occur to the entire framework's body). 

As described in http://www.w3.org/1999/10/nsuri, a Namespace URI is
subject to change up to CR status of a document. As we are in Last Call,
there is no formal rule preventing the NS URI to be rather updated or
Choosing between updating or creating a new URI is not so easy, both
solutions have pro and cons, and independently of the W3C process which
allow both solutions at the stage we are, we just wanted to get input
from implementors.

For the two other points you mentionned, Luu's answer to your comments
on the ccpp pre-PR WD should clarify the situation

Thanks again for your mail
Stephane Boyera
W3C Team Contact for DIWG
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