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         International Conference On Mobile Data Management (MDM '2002)

                     January 8 - 10, 2002, Singapore


We are rapidly heading towards a world in which the computing
infrastructure will contain billions of devices that are carried or 
worn by their users as they go through their daily routines.  
Such devices provide data access to mobile users as they move within 
buildings, cities, or across the globe. This new infrastructure 
presents tremendous challenges for data management technology 
including: huge scale; variable and intermittent connectivity; 
location-centric and location-dependent applications; bandwidth, 
power, and device size limitations; and multimedia data delivery 
across hybrid networks and systems.  Traditional data management 
technologies such as query processing, transaction management, 
workflow, business process management and metadata management must
all be reevaluated in this emerging environment.  Furthermore, 
non-traditional issues such as semantics of mobile data, 
location-dependent querying, broadcast and multicast delivery and 
caching/pre-fetching techniques must all be addressed.  
This conference aims to investigate these and other issues, 
focusing on the challenges and opportunities for data management 
and data access technology in the rapidly evolving world of 
mobile computing.

                             CONFERENCE TOPICS 
 - modeling location and mobility semantics
 - metadata management and exchanges
 - query processing and optimization
 - user interface and content transformation 
 - data placement, caching, replication and relocation
 - mobile transaction management 
 - mobile aware/adaptive/agent applications
 - satellite-based global positioning systems 
 - ubiquitous computing systems 
 - data presentation, scripting and exchange languages
 - network and OS Support for mobility
 - mobile Network architectures/protocols
 - location dependent data, user and data tracking  
 - workflow management  
 - indexing and compression  
 - micro-devices management and OS support  
 - data publication, push, broadcast and multicast techniques  
 - service assurance (QoS) 
 - vehicle tracking and management systems 
 - wireless enquiry systems 
 - Internet, Web and wireless protocols  
 - distributed system architecture: CORBA, IIOP, Java, DCOM
 - multimedia in Mobile Environment  
 - mobile Web access and Internet Applications

                     IMPORTANT DATES 
                Submission of paper           June 15, 2001 
                Notification of acceptance    August 30, 2001 
                Full paper camera ready due   October 10, 2001

                     SUBMISSION INFORMATION 

Both research and industrial papers are solicited.  Research 
papers must be unpublished and not exceed 20 double-spaced pages.
Industrial papers must not longer than 12 double-spaced pages and 
should describe industrial applications, prototypes, experiences,
and standards.  Authors are invited to submit their papers electronically 
to the conference web site at 


on or before June 15, 2001. PDF format is preferred but postscript
format is acceptable.

Direct correspondence, inquiries and submissions relating to 
this conference to: 
  Kian-Lee Tan
  Dept. of Computer Science 
  National University of Singapore
  Science Drive 2, Singapore 117543
  Phone: (65) 874-2862
  Email: tankl@comp.nus.edu.sg

  Ouri Wolfson
  Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  University of Illinois at Chicago
  Science and Engineering Offices
  851 South Morgan Street (M/C 154)
  Chicago, Illinois 60607-7053
  Phone: (312) 996-6770
  Email: wolfson@eecs.uic.edu

We also solicit proposals for panels and tutorials. Please send your
proposals by June 15 to the respective chairs:

  Panel Chair: Johan Hjelm
               Nippon Ericsson KK, Ericsson Research 
               Applications Research Group

  Tutorial Chair: Arkady Zaslavsky
                  School of Computer Science & Software Engineering
                  Monash University, melbourne, Australia

          Johan Hjelm
       Senior Specialist, 
  Internet Information Services 
       and Protocol Design

Nippon Ericsson KK, Ericsson Research
    Applications Research Group

  Read more about my recent book at 
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