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Re: Fw: [Moderator Action] WAP proxy

From: <Jyh-Ching.Yaur@smed.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 07:49:57 -0600
To: Junbiao Zhang <junzhang@ccrl.nj.nec.com>
Cc: www-mobile@w3.org
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The WAP application on the mobile device does explicitly address the WAP
server.  Usually the wireless carrier preconfigured the WAP Server for Cell
Phones, however users can changed the WAP server.  If you are talking about
WAP browser running on Palm, those WAP browsers come with default WAP

Hope this helps



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Hi all,

     I have a question about WAP proxy server. Does the WAP application
on the mobile device explicitly address the proxy server? If so, how does
the mobile device know the address? Is it manually configured? How does WAP
handle roaming then?

     Thanks in advance.


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