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if I understand you right, you want to know how to present the same content
to different devices right?

Well, XML works with something called DTDs, which define the kind of data
there is, and you usally have to use another language / parser to present
the data to the device.
What you do is actually make XML detect the kind of device, and then make it
only display the data suitable for that device.

Let me give you an example. I could use PHP, a scripting language, to parse
the XML and turn into something readable by all browers (i.e. html). Or if
the PHP detects a WAP browser, then it can format it as WML and give the
code as the WML mime-type, and the relevant byte-code.

You can use whatever you want instead of PHP, like Perl, Tcl, ASP, or even
XSL, which is the stylesheet language for XML, though not that widely used
(though I could be wrong).

Hope that made sense :)


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Hi Friends,

    I donot know is it the best place ask this question, sorry for any
inconvenienec with this  message.

    Using XML the basic advantage we are getting is separation of
content from the presentation(hope I am right)? The problem with present
html is , it mixes the content and presentation, so we are going for
XML.  This reduces the risk of again writting our content in another
mark up like wml or vxml or another ML.
    My doubt is how we can in that generic manner can separate content
from the presentation? Is it possible to use the same content for smalll
screen mobile devices, desktop browsers and voice browsers?  What are
the challenges in doing this?
    I am intersted in knowing some or more details regarding all these
issues. Any info or discussion regarding this greately helpful.

    Thanks in Advance.

            Sridhar Babu
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