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Workshop on Position Dependent Information Services : Statement of interest

From: Claude Luzet <Claude.Luzet@megrin.org>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 08:24:44 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <007801bf31c8$27cf4ae0$5c291fac@dyonisos.megrin.org>
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    1) that somebody from your organization will attend the workshop ,  who
will attend :
Claude Luzet
Directeur Executif de MEGRIN

    2) when your position paper will be ready (preferrably with an abstract)
due to availability, not before the deadline;

National Mapping Agencies have had the mission to collect the reference
Geographic Information needed for the basic needs of their governments and
citizens. The base maps of all European countries used to be quite
comparable1:25,000 / 1:50,000 paper maps for many years, with a more recent
shift to 1:10,000.
The digital mapping and GIS revolution has dramatically change that
landscape, and today NMAS are still looking for their place in the new
world, and are working at redefining their national mission. Scale as well
as content now vary widely from country to country, but there are signs that
basic data collection may rapidely become again uniform troughout Europe,
due to the growing pressure coming from the applications and users
Base maps will be replaced in the coming decade by data collection at the
one meter resolution, and all will benefit from an early convergence to
common standards.

Claude Luzet
Directeur Executif de MEGRIN
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