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Re: mathcolor/mathbackground on <math/> and <semantics/> elements?

From: Karl Tomlinson <w3@karlt.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:36:02 +1200
To: www-math@w3.org
Message-ID: <87r5m8igbx.fsf@karlt.net>
Neil Soiffer writes:

> If it didn't behave like mstyle, what would be the point of being able to
> set attributes on it?  I suppose if it wasn't clear to you, then it might
> not be clear to others so it should be explicitly stated (even though IMHO,
> it has to work that way).

Perhaps it has to work that way but that may be counter-intuitive
to some.  These attributes behave differently according to the
elements on which they are specified.

Consider for example:

  <math mathbackground="green">
    <mfrac mathbackground="red">

Some might have only specified mathbackground on <math> because
they wanted a green background for the math block.

They might expect behavior similar to CSS background where the 1
and 2 would have transparent backgrounds and the red of the
mfrac would show through.

IIUC and the math should behave like mstyle, then 1 and 2 should
have green backgrounds (on top of the red mfrac).

Reverting the default for mathbackground to transparent would
require an <mstyle mathbackground="transparent"> within the <math>.
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