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Second European Workshop on MathML & Scientific e-Contents

From: Jyrki Kajala <Jyrki.Kajala@savonia-amk.fi>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:19:27 +0300
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The workshop took place in Kuopio, Finland on 16th-18th September 2004.

You'll find the given presentations at
http://dmath.savonia-amk.fi/secondWorkshop/servlet/Home/ -> 'Program'.

In short:

[1] David Carlisle gave a talk:
"At the 2nd MathML Conference in Chicago in 2002, I presented the
Universal MathML Sylesheet
which provides a mechanism for serving XHTML+MathML files in a form that
can be rendered
using a variety of rendering technologies. This talk is an update to
that talk and 
looks at developments since that time".

[2] Bernhard Keil, creator of SciWriter, gave a hands-on presentation
about that XML-editor.
It is designed to produce scientific contents. The native file format is

[3] Eitan Gurari gave a hands-on session about how translations from
LaTeX to MathML
can be achieved through TeX4ht.

[3] Helder Ferreira declared problems in rendering MathML to voice and
demonstrated live examples.

[4] Tokushige Kobayashi from Antenna House Inc. presented brand-new
MathML option for XSL Formatter V3.2

[5] Simo Kivela with his team has created lot of mathematical digital
study materials in Finnish.
In his talk he presented some examples of that material and discussed
the underlying ideas.

[6] Lyn Leventhall gave a presentation where she described the initial
results of her research which
looks at communication strategies used in face-to-face mathematics
lectures and tutorials.
She attempts to identify a set of requirements for software tools to
provide a usable online tutoring system.

[7] Maria Demlova presented a collection of Mathematica notebooks named
"Discovering Mathematics" and
ideas how to teach mathematics.

[8] Mika Seppala presented a starting WebALT project where focus is on
the normal text between formulas;
how to automatic get national versions from an original mathematical
text in English.

[9] xMath project presented feedback about their web based 'Pilot

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