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Re: MathML and CSS

From: Stan Devitt <jsdevitt@stratumtek.com>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 06:20:11 -0400
Message-ID: <40AB34DB.4040000@stratumtek.com>
To: Bruce Miller <bruce.miller@nist.gov>, www-math@w3.org

Making the entire content structure invisible (including any 
presentation inside it) was the intent here.
Only the "presentation" element of the parallel markup should show.

Of my two points   (  1) a more linear css compatible display of  
content expressions and 
2) accommodation of  the spirit of the semantics element)  the second is 
most important, 
especially if we focus for now on presentation only features -  which I 
think is a good strategy
by the way.

By allowing from the outset for parallel markup through the semantics 
tag in CSS, we ensure
that the page markup  has a way of  including the content markup right 
away without impacting the
visual/aurl appearance of the page. 

As well, this notion of parallel markup, only one of which is visible,  
must have a wide range
of applications outside of Math.


Bruce Miller wrote:

>> 2.  Even if CSS can't handle content MathML at all, it needs to be 
>> able to "choose" a presentation out of
>> the semantics tag and NOT display all the others.  We need to be sure 
>> that the parts of the semantics expression
>> that need to be invisible are easily configured to be so.
> It is certainly easy enough to make the Content (MathML) invisible 
> (and take no space).
> I would have to look a little carefully to see whether complicated
> parallel markup creates problems.  As it is, if an outer Content were 
> made
> invisible, any Presentation hidden within will be hidden as well.
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