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Re: menclose

From: <jpederse@wiley.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:42:50 -0400
To: "Neil Soiffer" <NeilS@dessci.com>
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So far at least the circles have only been for single characters. If they
were for more characters, I'm guessing they would be ovals. For boxes, they
have square corners.



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In one of your emails, you mentioned you have a need for "circle".  Could
you describe its use a little?  In particular, is it just for enclosing a
single character, or do you use it to enclose multicharacter tokens such as
"sin" and (larger) expressions?  If so, for larger expressions, do you want
a circle or an oval?

For a box, so you want a box with square corners or a box with rounded


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