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Wrong `quote signs'

From: (wrong string) äper <christoph.paeper@tu-clausthal.de>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:51:34 +0100
Message-ID: <095b01c28f01$3a222250$3ef4ae8b@heim4.tuclausthal.de>
To: <www-math@w3.org>

The MathML 2.0 Specifications uses TeX style pseudo quote signs "`" (U+0060,
opening) and "'" (U+0027, closing) a lot, only in their single form though.
These look and are plain wrong.
After all it's not too surprising to find this issue in a document authored
by mathematicians, but please use either the most compatible """ (U+0022) or
"'" (U+0027) on both sides or the for English typography correct
combinations U+201C (&ldquo;) and U+201D (&rdquo;) or U+2018 (&lsquo;) and
U+2019 (&rsquo;) in future releases.

Thanks in advance,
    Christoph Päper
Received on Monday, 18 November 2002 07:51:37 UTC

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