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ANN: MathPlayer beta 4 is now available

From: Paul Topping <PaulT@dessci.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:51:15 -0700
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Dear MathML enthusiasts:

The beta 4 release of MathPlayer, our MathML display engine for Internet
Explorer, is now available for free download from
http://www.dessci.com/webmath/mathplayer. We are still expecting to make the
final MathPlayer 1.0 release at the MathML Conference

Besides many bug fixes, formatting improvements, and improved MathML 2.0
coverage, the biggest change is the addition of a right-click menu. This
menu contains:

- A Copy command that copies an equation's MathML to the clipboard for
pasting into any application that understands MathML (e.g. Mathematica,
Maple) or into a web editor. Drag-and-drop also works.

- Links to our web site.

- Our snazzy new "About MathPlayer" window.

We expect to be adding more commands to this menu in future versions,
including "Open With ..." items to send the MathML to specific applications
for calculation, plotting, authoring, etc. Give us feedback on how you like
the new menu and, if you have any ideas for new commands on the menu, please
let us know.

We've also added some material to the MathPlayer web site:

- MathPlayer on the Macintosh and other Platforms:
http://www.dessci.com/webmath/mathplayer/mac.stm. So many of you have asked
about this that we needed to respond.

- Our Internet Explorer Bug List:
http://www.dessci.com/webmath/mathplayer/bugs/iebuglist.stm. This page lists
Internet Explorer 6.0 bugs and limitations that we hope Microsoft will fix.
We offer this page in the hope that MathPlayer users will join us in
encouraging Microsoft to do so. As they say, "The squeaky wheel gets the

Installing MathPlayer beta 4 is easy. Just go to the MathPlayer home page
(http://www.dessci.com/webmath/mathplayer), click on Install MathPlayer, and
follow the instructions.

Please, please report any bugs, questions, etc. to betatest@dessci.com. As
usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks again for your interest in MathPlayer.

The MathPlayer Team

Design Science, Inc.             http://www.dessci.com
"How Science Communicates"
MathType, WebEQ, MathPlayer, Equation Editor, TeXaide
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