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RE: IFRAME vs OBJECT vs EMBED; 'tg' instead of 'tan'; Content/Presentational; MIME type(s)

From: Jimmy Cerra <jimbofc@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:45:06 -0400
To: "'Gabriel Preda'" <gabriel_p@rol.ro>, <www-math@w3.org>
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> 2.  'tg' instead of 'tan'
>     Here in Romania we use 'tg' instead of 'tan'... how can I change this ?
>     Is <mi> the only solution ?... Thus what shall I do with content-markup
> ?

You could use an XSLT sheet to transform tg in your "MathML-Romania" documents
to tan in "MathML-W3C" documents....  I think this should be a common way to
extend MathML, but I don't think many people agree (are simply aren't
interested).  Oh well...

>     So I'm confronted with a big dilemma: Should I use P.M. cause years will
> pass till the first Voice-Browser... or shall I use C.M. cause it approaches
> more to the way we speak Math ??

Use both; MathML-P annotated with the annotation tag enclosing MathML-C or
OpenMath.  Best of all possible worlds. :-)

>     IBM's-TXP does not recognize 'application/mathml+xml'... (by the way...
> that's why OBJECT does not work)... it only recognizes 'text/mathml' or, the
> selfish mime type, 'text/mathml-techexplorer'...
>     What am I supposed to do with the mime type(s)... using IFRAME I do not
> have to specify that... is that a good approach ?

You could use text/xml or the UNIVERSAL STYLESHEET for MathML (see:
http://www.w3.org/Math/XSL/ ) to specify IBM's-TXP as the default renderer.  I
don't know....does that help?

Jimmy Cerra

"my mind is slipping away...
                   ...day by glorious day"
Robin Gorkin

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