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IFRAME vs OBJECT vs EMBED; 'tg' instead of 'tan'; Content/Presentational; MIME type(s)

From: Gabriel Preda <gabriel_p@rol.ro>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 23:34:28 +0300
Message-ID: <000701c21188$5d5e97e0$9c969ad5@ingo>
To: <www-math@w3.org>

As seen in subject line I have 4 problems (questions):
Keep in mind that I use IBM's techexplorer (3.01) with IE5.01 and Opera6.01

    Witch one ?
    IBM-TXP seems to fail with OBJECT element... or maybe I do not know
right syntax... it works fine with EMBED... but I have not found a single
entry in HTML4.01-REC about this. So last thing that I can use is IFRAME...
    Can any1 give me at least 1 hint ?

2.  'tg' instead of 'tan'
    Here in Romania we use 'tg' instead of 'tan'... how can I change this ?
    Is <mi> the only solution ?... Thus what shall I do with content-markup

3. Content / Presentational ->Markup
    One simple thought... I've searched on the web for a Voice-Browser...
and found nothing or "under work"... so I tend to say P.M. is more
    On the other hand... I've never said in the classroom something like:
        "Parenthesis a plus b Close-Parenthesis power is 2 equal..." (thus
    I always said:
        "a + b all raised to power 2... " (thus C.M.)
    So I'm confronted with a big dilemma: Should I use P.M. cause years will
pass till the first Voice-Browser... or shall I use C.M. cause it approaches
more to the way we speak Math ??

and finally...
4. MIME type(s)
    IBM's-TXP does not recognize 'application/mathml+xml'... (by the way...
that's why OBJECT does not work)... it only recognizes 'text/mathml' or, the
selfish mime type, 'text/mathml-techexplorer'...
    What am I supposed to do with the mime type(s)... using IFRAME I do not
have to specify that... is that a good approach ?

Thanx 4 your time !

Gabriel Preda - gabriel_p@rol.ro
Electronics & Telecommunications Faculty
'Politehnica' University of Bucharest - Romania

PS: With who am I to talk about a W3C-HQ in Romania ???
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