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Re: Automatic Differentiation

From: Stephane Dalmas <Stephane.Dalmas@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:04:29 +0100
Message-Id: <200202200804.g1K84T919519@krishna.inria.fr>
To: "Leonardo B. Lopes" <leo@iems.nwu.edu>
Cc: www-math@w3c.org
> Dear List,
> 	Is anyone aware of a tool to which I could pass a MathML content
> object and get the function evaluation, first and second derivatives
> computed by Automatic Differentiation? I couldn't find one on google, but
> I did find AD among the interests of many MathML people, which makes me
> optimistic...

Yes, there are indeed a few people here that once built some AD tools...
I have been out of this topic for quite a long time now, and I am not aware 
of anything like what you are looking for. But there is a new AD tools
developped at INRIA Sohia in the Tropics research team, written in Java, that
may use some XML. You can send an e-mail to "tapenade@sophia.inria.fr" to
know more about it.

Best regards,

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