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Where is Libwww maintained today

From: Kristian Spangsege <kristian.spangsege@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 01:38:33 +0200
Message-ID: <19c077830708281638w2aedefn7cae268bd084b309@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-lib@w3.org


According to http://www.w3.org/Library/ the latest version of Libwww
is 5.4.1, however the version on my FedorCore 6 is 5.4.1. This leads
me to suspect that Libwww is maintained elsewhere these days. Is that

The reson I'm asking is that I found a bug, and wanted to see if it
was fixed in the latest release (or maybe in CVS.)

Please advise as to where I can inspect the latest version and
potentially report a bug.

In case that tourns out negatively, I'll report it right here and right now:

In HTNet.c is the following definition of HTNet_addAfter:

PUBLIC BOOL HTNet_addAfter (HTNetAfter * after, const char * tmplate,
                           void * param, int status, HTFilterOrder order)
   if (!HTAfter) HTAfter = HTList_new();
   else HTNet_deleteAfter(after); /* Ensure not listed twice */
   return HTNetCall_addAfter(HTAfter, after, tmplate, param, status, order);

It is apparent that that same filter cannot be added twice, but this
is in conflict with the implementation of HTAfterInit in HTInit.c.
Here 'HTRedirectFilter' is added for multiple status codes. The rult
is that the redirection handler only workds for satatus TEMP_REDIRECT,
which obviously is not the intended behaviour:

PUBLIC void HTAfterInit (void)
   HTNet_addAfter(HTAuthFilter,        "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTAuthFilter,        "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTPEP_afterFilter,   "http://*",        NULL,
HT_ALL,                 HT_FILTER_MIDDLE);
   HTNet_addAfter(HTRedirectFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTRedirectFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTRedirectFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTRedirectFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTAuthInfoFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
HT_ALL,                 HT_FILTER_MIDDLE);
   HTNet_addAfter(HTUseProxyFilter,    "http://*",        NULL,
   HTNet_addAfter(HTInfoFilter,        NULL,                NULL,
HT_ALL,                HT_FILTER_LATE);

Kind regards,
Kristian Spangsege

"Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. We
owe our minds to the deaths and lives of all the creatures that were
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all this work shall not end up in meaningless waste."
                                              -- MARVIN L. MINSKY
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