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RE: share libraries on UNIX

From: Samuel Soliz <samuel.soliz@quest.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 08:49:24 -0600
Message-ID: <3F6DD81755D3C1469D08E8A2F2981170E93FD9@is~houmbxw01.quest.com>
To: <heitkamp@ameritech.net>
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Your correct, a permanent fix is preferred; however, it depends on how
much time you spend looking for the flag.  This is a common problem.
Take a look at any UNIX box's /usr/lib directory and you will see
similar symbolic link fixes. One reason for the symbolic links is to
handle library revisions.
Yes, it's a temporary fix, but its fast and the script/links are only
created once.  It's a 5 minute fix, allowing you to concentrate on your
application, unless your task is to find this special flag.


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To: Samuel Soliz
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Subject: RE: share libraries on UNIX

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Samuel Soliz wrote:

> Fred,
> Create a script with symbolic links from the .so to the actual
> libraries.  For example:
> ln -s libwwwapp.0.1.0 libwwwapp.so
> ln -s libwwwapp.0.1.0 libwwwapp.so.0
> ln -s libwwwcache.0.1.0 libwwwcache.so
> ln -s libwwwcache.0.1.0 libwwwcache.so.0
> .

That's a temporary fix, but why not fix the aclocal/automake/libtool
that cause the problem in the first place?  I have been looking into
and found a message or two on google describing similar problems with 
other packages.  The fix in that case was to run "autoreconf -i -f".
worked with another program, but does not work with libwww.  So far I
been unable to find the section in the autotools that actually creates 
the ".so" part of the library name.

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