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POST not working

From: Andi Reinbrech <AReinbre@multichoice.co.za>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 17:52:45 +0200
Message-ID: <79A1791707CB084A8F5B8C5C2F8B06DE03F68813@rnbm-msg02.mck.co.za>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Hi, I hope somebody is still reading this list, I have a serious problem and
a deadline coming closer at the speed of light:
I can't get POST (not postform) to work.  I wrote my own app, couldn't get
it working (monitoring a TCP trace) and then decided to try the sample
post.exe - this simply says "contacting host" and then just dies, with no
network traffic generated.  The postform.exe works, but I can't use this, as
I need to send "raw" XML data to the host.
Here's a debug log:
DNS Add..... `insite' with 1 home(s) to 003DFFC0
ParseInet... as port 80 on with 1 homes
HTHost 003DFE98 going to state TCP_NEED_SOCKET.
Socket...... Created 1932
Net Manager. Increasing active sockets to 1, 0 persistent sockets
Socket...... Non-blocking socket
Channel..... Hash value is 56
Channel..... Added 003DEFB0 to list 005F12C0
Reader...... Created reader stream 005F12E0
HTHost 003DFE98 going to state TCP_NEED_CONNECT.
HTDoConnect. WOULD BLOCK `insite'
Event....... Dumping socket events
soc      event: pri millis  callback   param    request        timer: millis
expires ?   param   callback  
writ 003DFF60:  20     -1 004471E0 003DFE98 003DE408  
The event.......  Seems to be hitting an exception?
mailto:andir@icon.co.za <mailto:andir@icon.co.za> 
mailto:areinbre@multichoice.co.za <mailto:areinbre@multichoice.co.za> 

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