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SSL POSTs on Solaris, not working for me

From: Donald Tillman <till@sigaba.com>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:34:27 -0800
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My goal is a C program running on Solaris 5.8 that performs SSL 
POSTs to a server.

I have been able to get it working pretty well on a Linux 
platform after dealing with a couple of issues:
  The fix to HTSSLWriter.write() for long posts
  Tweaking HTCookies for https.

But the same code doesn't work at all on Solaris.  Specifically, 
I'm calling HTPostFormAnchorToChunk(), 
  this calls HTSSL_Writer_write(),
  this calls HTSSL_write(), 
  this calls SSL_write(), 
  this calls back to veryify_callback() to check the certificate, 
  that returns a 1, 
  then HTSSL_write() returns a -1 error code, 
  and HTSSL_getError() returns a 1,
  and HTSSLWriter_write() closes things down.

So the SSL stream checks the certificate and dies without 

I am using the --disable-shared option to configure.
I'm initializing SSL with the code from the SSL example.
This happens with either HTSSLhttps_init(YES) or HTSSLhttps_init(NO).
OpenSSL passes the 'make test' test fine.

I haven't been able to debug the SSL stream because the PATH part 
of configure's with-ssl=PATH doesn't allow me to substitute in
my own build of OpenSSL.

Versions are:
  SunOS 5.8

Is there a magic incantation that I need to know?

  -- Don
J. Donald Tillman
Principal Member of the Technical Staff
650 572-6107
till@sigaba.com <mailto:till@sigaba.com> 
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