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Re: Bug in HTCache?

From: James Gallagher <jimg@dcz.dods.org>
Date: 26 Feb 2003 20:51:24 -0800
To: Thomas K Harris <Thomas.Harris@cs.cmu.edu>
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
Message-Id: <1046321484.2318.17.camel@zanzibar.dods.org>
On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 12:30, Thomas K Harris wrote:
> I ran into this bug as well. = certainly _is_ legal in URLs. Im a
> little surprised that three years later this bugfix hasnt made it
> into a release. Are there alternatives to libwww that might be more
> actively maintained? 

I've switched to libcurl. I added limited support for compressed
responses (I added support for gziped responses only). It lacks a cache,
but I found that one that was more useful to my project's needs had to
be more tightly integrated into our code. Hence, I wrote my own. You're
welcome to a copy, although it might take a little work to use.

> Thanks,
> -Thomas
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