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(unknown charset) Re: zlib issue

From: (unknown charset) Phil Nitschke <Phil.Nitschke@youramigo.com>
Date: 13 Mar 2002 11:51:54 +1030
To: (unknown charset) "Fred Covely" <fcovely@bcftech.com>
Cc: (unknown charset) <www-lib@w3.org>
Message-ID: <lxelip5kjx.fsf@strife.saluka.net>
>>>>> "FC" == Fred Covely <fcovely@bcftech.com> writes:

  FC> Is anyone else have problems with sites that send back gzip
  FC> encoded data?

  FC> For example, if I do a simple HTTP Get on www.google.com accepting
  FC> gzip, I get no output.  I have traced this to htzip.c where the
  FC> call to the zlib function 'inflate' returns -3 (bad gzip format).
  FC> By various manueverings I can force it to accept the google zip
  FC> data, but I have been unable to make it work with 5.3.2.

  FC> FYI here is more detail on the work around.

  FC> The data that comes in from google is in gzip format and contains
  FC> the gzip header.  htzip.c seems to choke on the header piece, so I
  FC> borrowed a piece of code from zlib itself that reads past the
  FC> header before calling 'inflate'.  With that fix in libwww seems to
  FC> work fine.  I feel I am definitely missing something as I can't
  FC> believe others are not retrieving gzip encoded data.

Hi Fred,

Have you read the CERTŪ Advisory CA-2002-07 titled "Double Free Bug in
zlib Compression Library"?

While I'm not suggesting that this is the cause of the problem you're
seeing, it still may be advisable to review which version of zlib you're

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