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Re: Recommendation of wwwlib library

From: Cary Scofield <cscofield@labs.gte.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 15:21:22 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <3CF7CC90.5060405@labs.gte.com>
To: John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM
Cc: www-lib@w3.org

I have good things and not-so-good things to say about this code.  First 
of all, it seems to be well-structured and well-organized as far as a 
collaborative software development project goes.  I am not an expert on 
HTTP protocol, but this API seems to have covered all the bases. 
 However, I struggled for a number of days trying to figure how to use 
this API to both read the header response and a chunked encoding of the 
body.  It seems like I could only get the header by reading the response 
in RAW mode, but then I couldn't decode the chunked encoding or visa 
versa.  I have no doubt that I was doing something stupid because I 
couldn't believe this capability did not exist in the API, but damn if I 
couldn't figure it out simply by reading the 
comments/documentation/email archives nor by my seemingly endless litany 
of experiments.  Deadline pressures finally forced me into writing my 
own code in order to achieve the desired results.

It's true, but sad: you get what you pay for!


John.Brooking@NA.SAPPI.COM wrote:

>Hello, list,
>   I've downloaded the library for use with MS Visual C++, but haven't done
>much with it yet. I've been on this list for a few weeks and must admit that
>having only heard the problems talked about, it's hard to get a sense of
>what the success rate is for the rest of you, and thus how this library
>rates for overall reliablity as well as ease of use (maybe two different
>things?). I'd love to hear any "testamonials" as well as hints for using it,
>especially for a somewhat rusty C programmer in a Windows environment with
>only a year or two's experience as a web developer. Replies to me privately
>are fine.
>   To give you more of idea of what we are trying to do, our task is simply
>to process text files and post each line to a URL, receiving an HTML
>response consisting of "OK" or an error message, in an intranet environment.
>This ought to be pretty straight-forward.
>   I've also been learning Perl for about a year now, and actually have
>already successfully created a Perl version using the LWP::UserAgent and
>HTTP::* modules. I must say, it seemed quite simple compared to what I've
>seen of this library so far, but that could be just the difference in what
>the languages require, and in my level of understanding. (We are still
>hoping to convert to a C program anyway to take advantage of some other
>functionality that has already coded here in C.) If anyone has some
>experience with both wwwLib and these Perl modules, a comparison would be
>very enlightening!
>   Thanks in advance.
>- John Brooking
>Web Developer, Sappi Fine Paper North America
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