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RE: HELP: Posting using SSL and Libwww

From: Guo, Xuan C, NNAD <xuanguo@att.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 11:35:52 -0400
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To: Jungsik Shin <jshin@mokonet.com>, www-lib@w3.org, srdjan.matovina@canada.sun.com, tudor.hulubei@ecora.com, olga@eai.com, anton.belov@canada.sun.com
Do you have proxy in the middle when you talk to UPS security web site? If
yes, you probably have problem to do POST and GET to any security web
server. The current release 5.3.2 does not support SSL over proxy. There is
a proxy patch for libwww5.3.2. However, the patch doesn't work well and
need some fixes. I am not whether there is a fix for the POST to a
security web server over the proxy. I tried a little bit, it still doesn't
work properly. I got the message posted, but the server return error "405
Method Not Allowed" ...  :-(

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Subject: HELP: Posting using SSL and Libwww


I am writing a C code using SSL(openSSL) and Libwww(W3C Protocol
Library) which post to a secure server (
https://www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate <https://www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate>
). After posting, I supposed to
have some responded output. But not!

Actually I referred two example files in the libwww package.
One is "post.c". The other is "wwwssl.c".
I combined these two files properly. This program worked very well among
localsystem. it produced the output files such as, w3chttp.out and some
name, which contained the requested data.

When I try to UPS ( ttps://www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate
<http://www.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate> ),
I couldn't get any output file. It shows some error messages(Runtime error:
r6002 - floating point not loaded)
I found this error was due to " setting to 'p' on HTSetTraceMessageMask".
However this setting was ok on our localsystem including outside IP.
Could you give me some idea how to post a data over https and how to
produce a output file?
I've set it up the configuration needed:
    libwww, ssl, openssl, and some VSC++ 6.0 lib
I appreciate your help!
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