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RE: HELP: posting data and get the result into a chunk??

From: Ailleen Lien <alien@clientsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 08:58:27 -0500
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From: Jürgen Bernhardt [mailto:na1280@fen-net.de]
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 2:30 AM
To: Worik Turei Stanton
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
Subject: Re: HELP: posting data and get the result into a chunk??

>> Hi all!
>> I looked at the sample code of the w3c library for the usage of
>> posting data.  I found 'post.c'. This sample posts data to a server
>> and store the result into a local file.
>> My question is how can I get the data back into a chunk and not in a
>> file?
>I have been wondering this too.
>I have found what looks like the answer in ostform.c

Hi Worik!

I also study the sample of postform.c. But there is an essential difference
between postform.c and post.c:

In postform.c you can post data like an HTML form tag, using
What I want to do is to post the whole data stream to a http server.
to HTPostFormAnchorToChunk(), I looked for a function like
but there is no support in the wwwlib :-(

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I wrote my version of HTPostAnchorToChunk().  But I am in testing to see I
get the result back
correcly from my server.

PUBLIC HTChunk * HTPostAnchorToChunk (HTParentAnchor *	source,
			 HTAnchor *		destination,
			 HTRequest *	 	request)
    if (source && destination && request) {
	HTChunk * chunk = NULL;
	HTStream * target = HTStreamToChunk(request, &chunk, 0);
	HTRequest_setOutputStream(request, target);
	if (HTPostAnchor(source, destination, request) != NULL)
	    return chunk;
	else {
	    return NULL;
    return NULL;
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