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Re: no send of body on POST using libwww

From: Putz Doug <PutzDoug@JohnDeere.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 15:35:36 -0600
Message-ID: <44E8F46BB3EFD211B9210008C75DAB9A02BA192F@e90corp3.dx.deere.com>
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Things I've encountered on this problem.

If like me, you started by working directly from the sample applications,
there are a
couple of issues which you'll need to be aware of:  The following calls from
two different
sample apps start-up the libraries in an incompatible mode of operation....

HTProfile_newNoCacheClient(...); { starts the libwww stuff } and
HTSSLhttps_init(YES); { starts the SSL stuff }

The first call sets-up a non-preemptive means of operation while
the second call sets-up a preemptive means of operation.  

What this means, is that the SSL layer is blocking the I/O on the socket so
that the
sending of the body can not take place.  Change the call to:

HTSSLhttps_init(NO); // non-preemptive mode

and things should work fine for you without any other changes.

Also of note, it seems with the most recent changes to the library that the
PREMPTIVE mode of operation fails to work for some of the operations. In
this directly affects the POST method.  Check out some of the other email
in regards to the need for timers when using POST in preemptive mode.  I
have yet to
get this method to work in preemptive mode.

Original message:

> Subject: no send of body on POST using libwww 
> Greetiings, 
> On Posting, my client application, using libwww pre 5.3.0 and 
> OpenSSL 95a 
> posts headers reads a 200 response from the server, passes back 
> from 
> SSLREAD to the while(1) {switch} within HTTP.c with a status of 
> The BodyWrite timer never starts the write of the Body, no 
> matter 
> what 
> the timeout value is set to. Any insight on this problem is 
> appreciated. 
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