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POSTing large files over SSL fails

From: <Ville.Alkkiomaki@sonera.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 13:51:00 +0300
Message-Id: <H00069401f777cf3.0972038298.hanhi.vallila.sonera.fi@MHS>
TO: www-lib@w3c.org
It seems that libwww hangs when POSTing large files over SSL. The library cannot
handle correctly OpenSSL's SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE return code when writing data.

This can be fixed by changing HTSSLWriter_write (in HTSSLWrite.c) as follows:

Change lines:

        case SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE:
            HTHost_register(host, net, HTEvent_WRITE);
            me->offset = wrtp - buf;
            HTTRACE(STREAM_TRACE, "HTSSLWriter. WOULD BLOCK %d (offset %d)\n" _
soc _ me->offset);
            return HT_WOULD_BLOCK;


        case SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE:

I don't know if this breaks other things or if this is the best solution, but at
least it seems to work..


Ville Alkkiomäki
Received on Friday, 20 October 2000 06:51:17 UTC

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