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Library problems with Solaris 7

From: zist zist <zist@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 09:58:06 GMT
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <F285gRGkQ6mBySsxVY6000036ce@hotmail.com>

I have some problems using the library with Solaris 7 (Sparc).
I first installed it and tried it with a simple program on
a PC with Linux, with success, and now I'd like to do exactly the
same thing on Sparc/Solaris 7.
I installed gcc and gnu make and still have the following problem:
when I compile a simple program (based on the eventloop.c example),
I get errors messages indicating undefined symbols:

XmlParseXmlDeclNS             /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlInitEncoding               /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlInitEncodingNS             /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlUtf8Encode                 /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlInitUnknownEncodingNS      /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlPrologStateInit            /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlInitUnknownEncoding        /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlParseXmlDecl               /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlGetUtf8InternalEncoding    /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlSizeOfUnknownEncoding      /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
XmlGetUtf8InternalEncodingNS  /usr/local/lib/libxmlparse.a(xmlparse.o)
ld: fatal

The program, based on eventloop.c, doesn't use xml (and worked fine
on Linux).
I don't know if it's the cause but when I compiled www-lib on Solaris,
I had some warning messages stating that the library needed
-lc, -lsocket, -lnsl and -ldl but that it could not find a shared
version of it (I don't remember such messages on Linux).
Any idea of the cause of the problem ?
if it's related to -lc, -lsocket, -lnsl and -ldl, how could I
find them somewhere (I don't even know what it is) ?

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