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Re: libwww5.3.1

From: <jose.kahan@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 17:58:38 +0200 (MET DST)
Message-Id: <200008091558.RAA05817@tuvalu.inrialpes.fr>
To: Yusuf Luele <yusuf.luele@bov.de>
CC: www-lib@w3.org

In our previous episode, Yusuf Luele said:

Thanks for your explanation and report.

Before answering your request, I'd like to kindly ask you to forward all of
this kind of mail to the www-lib@w3.org list. 

I know some parts of libwww, but the best way to get an answer is from the 
public list. People can take advantage of this dialog. And libwww belongs to
the User community :) I'm just one more among other users who just happens to 
be able to make new distributions or apply patches to it.

> Just to clear up some misunderstandings:
> I downloaded version 5.3.0 (sorry, typo in my first mail) earlier last month
> and tried it out. I had no problem at all compiling any examples / libs
> out of the box. However we found some bugs in special cases I was supposed
> to investigate.
> I found a patch from Gertjan van Wingerde, correcting all of those errors
> we found. However the patch did not apply cleanly (surely due to the fact
> that I'm very inexperienced under Linux), so I looked again at you website
> and found your newest version 5.3.1. After downloading and installing I
> opened the project file windows/world.dsw and tried to compile both webbot
> and WinCom-subprojects. Both failed with an error, that src/windows/windll.c
> and / or src/windows/wwwdll.c were not found.
> A quick search in all directories of libbwww revealed those files as indeed
> missing. 

You are right. The files are missing. I must have made a mistake when
preparing the distribution files. 

 You can get the wwwdll.c from the live source on our server:


This file hasn't changed since the previous version.

> A quick search in all directories of libbwww revealed those files as indeed
> missing.  However, out of curiosity I tried to import the older versions of
> these files to the effect the e.g. the webbot said with an access violation
> (these are a copy of the last lines):
> HTHost parse Looking up `' on port 80
> Memory Free. 00BE1580
> Host connect Host 00BE1DB0 already locked with 00BE0140
> Host info... Added Net 00BE16B0 (request 00BE02A0) as pending on Host
> 00BE1DB0, 1 requests
>  made, 1 requests in pipe, 1 pending
> Press any key to continue.
> So here we are, I resolved some problems which originated on my side / or
> were formulated in a way that it could be easily misunderstood. My question
> now: What to do? Any suggestions at all?

Did you had this problem before, on the previous version? Try to run the
application under the debugger and see in which function this happens.
The trace you show gives some info, but not enough.

Does anyone else in the list have a similar problem?

To be honest, when I'm under Windows, I only work with Amaya and the libwww
part that Amaya uses of it. I haven't compiled the Robot or used it under
Windows myself. libwww isn't my main project at W3C and unfortunately, I 
can't spend as much time as I'd like on it. I can act just as a maintainer
(adding submitted patches, preparing releases, adding write access to CVS) 
and contribute  my own patches. I can contribute with my experience in some
discussions, but I don't have much time to take a more active role. This 
should be done by the Libwww User Community.

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