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Re: Patch to stop some event loop madness

From: <linda_fu@peoplesoft.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:24:25 -0800
To: eddie@topic.com.au
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
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Hi, Sam,
     I am confused here. If HTTimer_next could actually cause
HTEventLoop_stopLoop() to be
called, HTEndLoop turns to 1.  In that case, the loop will stop since
"while" loop condition is broken.
So why do you need to break it at that point?
     The other question is: what causes the infinite loop? In what kind of
scenario? I find libwww
doesn't work on HP and also stuck in this infinite "while" loop because
select( ) always return 0, while
active_sockets == 0, the loop continues.  So I don't understand how these
two lines
resolve the problem.


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Short patch, to avoid infinite event loop madness when HTTimer_next() calls
callbacks that call HTEventLoop_stopLoop().

If someone with CVS write access could check this in, I'd appreciate it.

diff -u -r2.41 HTEvtLst.c
--- HTEvtLst.c  1999/07/07 15:43:28     2.41
+++ HTEvtLst.c  1999/12/15 23:32:32
@@ -664,6 +664,8 @@
        wt = NULL;
        if ((status = HTTimer_next(&timeout)))
+       if (HTEndLoop)
+               break;
        if (timeout != 0) {
            waittime.tv_sec = timeout / MILLI_PER_SECOND;
            waittime.tv_usec = (timeout % MILLI_PER_SECOND) *

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